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Focusing on Conversions

Wixworks have just finished redesigning a website for Scott at Wee Hooses (great name for

a compost toilet company!). Scott came to Wixworks because he wanted to increase his website traffic.

On reviewing his stats he actually had just under a thousand visitors but only a .9% conversion rate in the past 4 weeks. So traffic wasn't really his issue, it was his conversion rate, which ideally should be between 2 and 3% increasing his turnover, based on current takings, to over £120,000 a year.

Having explained that his current Wix website design wasn't converting enough customers we set about redesigning his site, making sure it was easy to navigate and that his products were just one click away. One week in, our customer has already taken three orders. Here are screenshots of both websites, one before and one after Wixworks redesigned the whole site.

old wix website design
Scott's old Wee Hooses site

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