Andy Benn is an experienced Graphic Designer who grabbed the opportunity of being one of the first UK Wix website designers back in 2013.

A very successful business manager for a large American bank, Andy made a brave career change away from sales and into marketing in 2007.


He picked up an LCCI Distinction in Digital Design, Marketing, and Advertising from Hove College.

Andy says “I'd been in sales for 15 years and the creative me wanted to could take my skill set into a digital world.  Gaining the Distinction gave me the belief that I could make a career in marketing and design.”



Since college Andy has held a number of marketing posts in his native Sussex and uses that experience to give small businesses a foothold on the internet.

Andy says ”Two of the larger companies I worked for had virtually no marketing budget, so I really had to think creatively to get the brand out there and bring traffic to their websites. This has helped me understand, in a number of ways, how best to set up a brand, especially in small business.”



In 2013 Andy found Wix quite by accident.

“ I was doing some freelance SEO work and had a conversation with a potential client who owned an alpaca farm. She mentioned that her Wix website needed optimising and invited me to review the site to see what needed doing. I was so impressed with the simplicity and usability and the way Wix really let you express yourself with graphics, I just had to get involved.”



After freelancing his fledgling web design business for a number of years Andy started WixWorks and has been designing websites ever since.

Andy says” is growing month on month and there is a real foothold in the UK now whereas only a year ago most of my clients were from the States. It's fast becoming the web editor of choice for both sides of the Atlantic and long may that continue!”



For the future Andy is concentrating on building affordable websites as his core business but almost as important are those clients who have a poorly designed Wix website. “I'm getting almost as many inquiries from Wix website owners who either have a poorly laid out, glitchy website or are badly in need of a makeover. This is why I launched WixFix so that my clients can have some expertise at hand for a small, one-off or monthly fee. In fact, I encourage my clients to pass their website over to WixWorks to manage, leaving them to work on their businesses, it's a win-win.”



WixWorks are now a small team of dedicated Wix designers who will stop at nothing to produce a sparkling website for all types of business and, with the way things are shaping up, team expansion looks very much on the cards later this year.