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Any client who signs up to the Wixworks Web Management Programme will be known as “user”.

The Wixworks Web Management Programme will be known as “WWMP”. 

Wixworks will be known as either “the business” or “Wixworks”

WWMP Lite The WWMP entitles the user up to1 hour of website administration/management per month.


The WWMP entitles the user up to 2 hours of website administration/management  per month at a cost of £59.50 for a non-eCommerce site and £99.50 for an eCommerce website.

Any additional work over and above the allotted 2 hours will be billed separately at £35 per hour.

The user will be notified when their allotted 2 hours have elapsed, and a verbal/email agreement will be made to extend the hours at £35 per hour or place on hold any further works until the next monthly instalment of £59.50 or £99.50 has been received.

To access the WWMP the user will pay £59.50 per month for a non-eCommerce website or £99.50 for an eCommerce site via a Paypal recurring payment system set up on the Wixworks website namely, www.wixworks.co.uk.

Any admin/management required in the first month will be processed within 48 working hours of the initial monthly fee being received dependant on current workloads at the time.

All future admin/management will be processed within 48 working hours dependant on current workloads at the time.

Wixworks working hours are from 9am Monday to 5.30pm Friday.

Wixworks reserve the right, at any time, to extend the duration that any website admin/management processing starts if it deems that the business and its resources are at full capacity when a processing request is received.


Wixworks will communicate this to the customer via email or by telephone.

Wixworks reserve the right to increase the monthly and hourly cost of any future works and will give the user 60 days’ notice of any such increase by way of an email.

The user can cancel their recurring payment at any time. Any future works agreed or not will be forfeited with immediate effect.

The user must notify Wixworks at least 5 working days prior to the next payment being due.


First Years Free Hosting

Any user signing up for WWMP Lite will not qualify for a years free Wix Hosting package.


Any user signing up for and paying their first 3 recurring payments for WWMP will be entitled to a year’s free Wix hosting package.

Eligibility for the free Wix hosting package will start once the user's current hosting package has expired whether that be a monthly package, yearly package or any multi-year package.

Wixworks reserve the right to withhold a Wix hosting package if recurring payments have deemed to have ceased at the time of eligibility for said Wix hosting package.

Users who have not yet purchased or have an elapsed a Wix hosting package will be entitled to the first years free Wix hosting package with immediate effect after eligibility for said product.

Email: info@WixWorks.co.uk

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